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I - Introductory

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  • AD - Arts & Design
  • HY - History

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Upon occasion

The History of Rock……”We were just the spokesmen for a generation” A social history of Rock and Roll, from it’s origination in the Blues, through the Rhythm and Blues of the 50’s, into the era of Little Richard, Chuck Berry, and Elvis. From the British invasion to heavy metal, rap, and even Dylan and other poets like him that couldn’t sing either. We’ve got it covered. You will listen to it, you will read about it, you will watch it happen on videos (no BeeGees or Tony Orlando)…we will connect it to the times……and what turbulent times they were. If you are interested in what happened culturally in this country between 1950 and today, you need not look any farther than this course. For “the music of the people”, ROCK, accurately reflects the varying peaks and valleys of much of the events of the past half century.



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